Two tips for those who want to get landscaping plants for their gardens

Here are two tips for anyone who plans to do some landscaping in their garden and needs to get landscaping plants for this project.

They should try to select a variety of plants that will bloom at different times of the year

Most people who purchase landscaping plants for their gardens do so in the hopes that these plants will keep their gardens looking beautiful all year round. With this in mind, it's important for a person who's shopping for these plants not to simply select whichever plants they think look beautiful. Instead, they should ensure they select a variety of ones, which will bloom over the course of the four seasons.

For example, they might want to purchase some kangaroo paw plants that will bloom in the springtime, some frangipanis that will bloom in the summer, a few dahlias for the autumn months and some winter jasmine for the winter season. This approach will mean that during every period of the year, there will be a few plants blooming in their garden and there will never be a time when the garden looks drab and devoid of life.

They should consider how much maintenance their new landscaping plants will require

It's important for anyone who'll be buying plants for their landscaping project to consider how much maintenance the plants they like might require. This is crucial, as the primary purpose of purchasing landscaping plants is to improve the appearance of a garden. If a person chooses plants that they are unable to maintain, the plants will not thrive and their withering appearance will detract from the garden's look.

For example, some plants, such as hydrangeas and roses, require regular deadheading and pruning to promote new growth, shape them and remove diseased stems. A person who cannot invest time into doing this maintenance work should avoid buying these plants as, if they don't survive due to improper care, this person might have to remove them and replace them with different plants that require less maintenance.

Instead, a person like this should opt for lower maintenance ones that are largely self-sufficient. For instance, succulents like aloe vera don't require regular pruning and can easily cope with dry conditions, which means they will stay healthy and look good even if a homeowner occasionally forgets to water them. Similarly, lavender is a hardy plant that can thrive with very little soil fertiliser and, once established, requires minimal watering.

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