The Advantages of Using Sheer Curtains in Your Home

If you're looking for a way to enhance the windows in your home, you could install sheer curtains. They may have been around for many years. But the advantages they provide are as handy as they were in the past.

Light Control

Sheer curtains help soften the lighting and create a welcoming ambience in a room. Direct sunshine or daylight can be glary and even force you to uncomfortably squint in your own home. Plus, harsh light can give a room a stark look that doesn't do the room justice. Sheer curtains, though, filter the daylight and soften the illumination. Not only does this create a more comfortable environment, but it flatters the decor.


Sheer curtains also provide daytime privacy. You might have a room that faces a street, and sheers will allow you to see outside without blocking the view. At the same time, these curtains will stop neighbours and others from peering into your home and invading your privacy. The curtains will achieve this while maintaining an open feel as well.

Decorate the Windows

Sheer curtains dress up and add softness to the angular lines of windows. You can combine them with different decors with your choice of fabric and curtain length. For example, opt for sheer white linen curtains that drape in romantic folds on the floor to create a shabby chic look. For a traditional look, install sheers so they end just above the floor.

Typically, shorter curtains look more casual. You could install the sheers to end at the window sill or extend them 10 cm below the window. For vintage decor, install lacy cafe curtains that extend from halfway down the window, ending at the window sill. A short frill in a matching sheer fabric can cover the top part of the window.

Harmonise With Other Coverings

Sheer curtains can also be harmonised with other window coverings, giving you more light and privacy control options. You could match them with blackout roller blinds. The combination of the two coverings will let you control the environment in the room during both the day and night. The sheers provide the perfect foil to the straight edges of roller blinds.

You can also fit sheer curtains with roman blinds or with blackout curtains. Neutral white or cream sheers match virtually any colour scheme. Thus, they don't limit your selection of other window coverings or room furnishings. Visit a home store to get help selecting curtains for your home. 

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