5 Things Your Auto Locksmith Can Do For You

A locksmith can perform many tasks, but many people only call them when they find themselves locked out of their car. Knowing everything your locksmith can do for you is helpful.

1. Solve Lockouts

The most likely reason one calls a locksmith is if you are locked out of your vehicle with the keys still inside. No matter the type of lock on your car, a locksmith will have the tools and knowledge to get the door open and retrieve your keys. All of this will be done with no damage to your car, which should provide some peace of mind. 

2. Make Copies

It is a good idea to have at least one set of extra keys for your car. If you have multiple drivers in the home, then you may even need more copies. A locksmith can make copies, immediately and on-site, of any of the car keys you need. 

3. Rekey Locks

If you purchase a previously owned vehicle or are concerned about a lost key, then you may want to change the door locks or even the ignition key. Although not done as commonly as rekeying home locks, rekeying your car's lock is an option. Your locksmith should be able to complete this task so that you do not have to worry about someone having access to the car without your permission.

4. Speciality Replacements

Most modern cars have speciality keys that are meant to prevent theft. They may have a transponder chip inside, for example. If the key breaks or is lost, then a replacement is not as easy as cutting a new key because the chip must also be programmed to your car. The good news is that modern locksmiths have the tools necessary for programming security and transponder chip keys so that you can get a replacement for your car quickly.

5. Open Accessories

A locksmith is not only able to work on door entry locks. They can also gain access or make keys for the accessories on your vehicle. For example, they can open up trunk locks, the locks on storage panels for commercial vehicles, or a locking gas cap. Generally, if something on the car is operated with the use of a key, then your locksmith can help you with any issues it may be experiencing. 

Contact a locksmith if you are having issues with any keys or locks on your vehicles. 

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