3 Factors That Influence The Cost Of External Aluminium Shutters

As opposed to window shutters that are inside your home, exterior shutters add style and elegance to outdoor spaces. They buttress the outer surface of your window frames by adding colour, texture, and unique themes. They also provide protection against inclement weather because some can be closed to protect your delicate glass.

If you're thinking of mounting exterior aluminium shutters, you may be wondering how much these items will cost. Indeed, there are many different factors that will influence how much you end up paying for aluminium shutters. Here are 3 of the most important variables to consider.

1.    Mounting style and installation costs

One of the most exciting things about aluminium shutters is that they can be mounted in a manner that suits your home. Are you going for a classic colonial look? You can choose fixed shutters that are anchored next to your windows by fixed screws. These shutters are durable and require minimal maintenance.

If you desire additional functionality, consider adding hinges to your aluminium shutter frames. This will make it easier for your shutters to open or close as necessary. The mounting style used may also affect how much you spend on your shutters. For example, flexible hinges require a more intricate installation process. You may also need to add handlebars or locking mechanisms that keep your shutters firmly anchored in place. While these additional components may cost more, they breathe life into your exterior shutters by making them more useful on a daily basis.

2.    Coating

Another important cost factor to consider is the coating used. There are many different special coatings that add protection and aesthetic appeal to your shutters. Some have reflective properties that reduce energy consumption, while others provide excellent resistance to corrosion or abrasion during bad weather. The more protective your coating, the more likely it is to cost a bit more. However, you may end up saving on maintenance or replacement costs by selecting a durable coating.

Rare colours such as bolds or blends may also cost more than neutrals. If your home already has a vibrant theme, you may opt for a neutral colour such as grey, white, or brown. Another tip for saving costs is purchasing shutters that already come coated. In this way, you don't have to spend extra on labour or material costs.  

3.    Size

Larger aluminium shutters will likely cost more than smaller ones, depending on the shape. You should begin by considering what your shutters will be primarily used for. If you need them to provide protection on the outer surface of large windows, be prepared to spend more. However, smaller shutters that are mainly for decorative purposes may cost less because they can be solidly mounted.

Reach out to a professional to discuss shutters for your property.

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