How Shade Sails Can Protect Against the Elements in Coastal Areas

Living or working near the coast can have marvellous benefits — no one needs to be told the advantages of being near a beach. However, being in a more exposed area can lead to increased risks from the elements. A shade sail over your public area can vastly decrease these risks.

Ultraviolet radiation

One of the biggest risks is the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun's rays. Harsh sunlight contains dangerous levels of this radiation, and this can lead to problems with human health. The radiation can damage the skin cells and cause melanomas and other types of skin cancer. It can also cause other problems such as sunburn or heat stroke. If you are in charge of a public area such as a playground or a swimming pool, it will be your responsibility to protect people from these risks. The simplest way to keep everyone safe is to use shade. A shade sail can protect from the vast majority of the UV-radiation and will ensure that people can enjoy being out in the sun without putting their health at risk.

Personal property

It is worth remembering that harsh sunlight can also damage property, causing colours to fade and cars and other equipment to overheat — metal objects can also be dangerous to touch. By using a shade sail to protect carports or other storage areas, you can ensure that you are protecting people's property from the sun's rays, as well as preventing accidents caused by the high temperatures.

Bad weather

Coastal areas can also be prone to the opposite problem — bad weather, taking the form of rain, hail or even snow. No one will want to be outside in weather like this, but a shade sail can help here as well — they can be waterproof and designed to withstand harder weather like hail. The water will not penetrate through the fabric but will instead roll off to the side (so you should consider carefully how to position the shade sail so that the water will not deposit where it might become a problem). Some sails are more suited to deflecting sunlight rather than rain, so you will need to decide which you need.

Any public area needs sun protection, but this is particularly important in coastal areas. A professional supplier and installer will be able to assess your needs, and ensure that the public remains safe.

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