3 Strategies To Choose The Right Colour For Your Bathroom Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for bathrooms because they enable you to control the level of privacy and natural light you want. But while you've narrowed down your choice to roller blinds, it can sometimes be hard to establish the right colour for the space. Here are some strategies to help you choose the right colour for your bathroom roller blinds. 

Consider The Spaciousness Of The Bathroom

Colour choices can make a big difference to making bathrooms appear bigger or smaller because of the way they use light. Lighter colours tend to reflect light across the room to make it appear bigger, while darker colours absorb light and draw the room inwards. If you're looking to make your bathroom appear bigger, then lighter coloured roller blinds will complement and give it a feeling of spaciousness – exactly the look you're going for. On the other hand, if you're looking to create a more intimate feel, then darker blinds contrasted with lighter coloured walls could be the way to go.

Establish Personal Preference To Decide Between Warm Or Cool Colours

The choice between warm or cool colours typically depends on personal choices and preferences. Warmer colours like reds, oranges and yellows give the space a sense of energy and liveliness. Cooler colours like blues and greens have a summery feel and give the bathroom a refreshing feel. The warm or cool colour tones you choose for your bathroom roller blinds will depend on the wall colours as well – especially if you're looking to offset them with contrasting or matching colours. For example, warmer colours will go well with colours like beige and off-white, while cooler colours will look great against white.

Consider The Existing Colour Scheme Of Your Bathroom

The existing colour of your bathroom will play a role in the roller blind colour you choose. You could either choose to contrast with wall colours or you can match them for a more cohesive appearance. For instance, if you're looking for eye-appeal, then a contrasting red or purple against a neutral beige background will look great. But if you're looking for a matching finish, then you will want to choose a similar blind colour to the walls and tiles of your bathroom. Colourful blinds can even create a focal point for your bathroom if the rest of the décor is cohesive.

Roller blinds can make your bathroom look more modern and chic than otherwise so give colouring due thought for the best results.

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