How to Choose Window Treatments for Your New Home

If you love interior design, you may be excited furnish a brand new home. One of the biggest tasks will be to design and install window treatments that complement each particular room, as well as your overall theme and vision. What choices do you have here?

Treatment Types

Begin by deciding whether you are going to have shutters, shades or blinds as the primary window treatment and then consider whether you are going to add curtains to finalise the look. The latter choice will be mostly for decoration, while your main window treatment will have to address several different practicalities.

Selection Criteria

Before you begin to take any measurements, figure out how much privacy you need in each room and how much you will want to vary the amount of light coming in. You may also want to consider safety (from the point of view of toddlers in the area), choose a particular type of treatment to add some style to a specific room and calculate the cost when all is said and done.


Do you want a conventional or a more classic look? Remember, you don't have to choose one specific style for the entire home and many people dress each room according to its function and usual occupancy. If you want to get a truly classic look, however, always go for wooden blinds as these are elegant and will usually blend in with any decor. You'll be amazed to see how many different types of wood blinds are available in a variety of stains and colours, and they can be customised very specifically to your requirements.

Faux Wood

If you want the same type of look, but your budget doesn't extend as far as you'd like, then maybe you should choose faux wood blinds. These repeat the look of the classic wooden blinds and are equally as durable, but they come at a lower cost. As these are relatively easy to clean and stand up well in a humid environment, consider selecting these for a bathroom.


The 'workhorse' of the blind industry is the aluminium option, which is also the most economical. Once again, choose from a variety of colours and get ready to customise these for any unusually shaped spaces or windows.

Verticals for a View

Finally, when it comes to patio doors, you can introduce some vertical blinds which are available in vinyl or fabric and can slide back and forth on a track. If you've got a nice view out of one room, this type of blind can help you make the most of it.

Customising Work

Take your measurements very carefully and then have a word with a custom blinds manufacturer so they can come up with the perfect solution for each space.

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