Avoid These Simple Design and Renovation Mistakes in Your New Kitchen

If you're planning a new kitchen design, you may be looking forward to finally having a designated coffee bar, a roomy island that the family can use for breakfast, and many other such features. However, before you start your renovation, you might note a few simple design mistakes that are very easy to make, and which could create a kitchen space that is much less functional, and even a bit awkward to use.

Islands that are too big

While an island can be a great feature in new kitchens, be careful of one that's too large, as this might overwhelm the space and make it a bit crowded. Ensure that you have plenty of room for walking all the way around the island, and that its benchtop won't get in the way of an appliance door.

You also want to consider where the island will be placed; typically it's good to have it behind the sink, so you can easily move food from the island to the sink or vice versa, but be sure the island is within easy reach. You don't want to have to walk across the kitchen with food in your hands to get to the island, or to go from the island to the sink or stovetop, as this can increase the risk of spills and dropped food.

Fixed interior shelving

When choosing new cabinets and cupboards for your kitchen, avoid fixed interior shelving, meaning that the shelves are all installed at one height. Short shelves won't accommodate many small appliances, whereas overly tall shelves might mean having to stack your canned goods and dishware on top of each other, which can be cumbersome. Choose cabinets with adjustable interior shelving so that you can move those shelves up and down to accommodate your own storage needs.

Oversized, rather than downsized

Many of today's kitchen appliances are larger than ever, and it might be good for you to get a six-burner stove and oversized refrigerator if you have a large family or entertain often. However, it can be a mistake to think that bigger is always better; that oversized refrigerator will mean more electricity consumption, which might be a waste if you don't need all that interior space. A large dishwasher is good for parties, but might also mean too much water and electricity being used when you only have a few dishes to clean. Reconsider your needs for larger appliances and note if some might even be downsized to save space and electricity.

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