4 Features for the Luxurious Master Bathroom Addition of Your Dreams

Did you know you can get the master bathroom you've always wanted by carefully considering your floor, mirrors, shower screen and more?

Although not one of the most common additions to a house, a luxurious master bathroom is one of the best ways to spoil yourself. So, what might you want to include in your dream master bathroom? Here are four things to consider to achieve your own sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Non-standard enclosures for a non-standard master bathroom

Non-standard enclosures offer the best method to bathroom styling that will allow you to achieve an out-of-the-norm shower enclosure. Luxury shower screens are characterised by beautiful designs, and high-quality materials, and they can be customised to fit all requirements.

Non-standard shower screens play a major role in creating a stylish bathroom that offers comfortable luxury. Go beyond the shower enclosure design by installing a frameless glass shower unit for a more attractive and contemporary bathroom.

Also, you may want to install a frameless folding glass shower door for a more bespoke bathroom rather than the traditional sliding and hinged shower doors.  

Tile beyond the norm

If you aspire for a truly unique bathroom, you can add visual interest or sparkle to your bathroom using your tile selection. For example, custom mosaic tiles will add a unique look to your bathroom. Even without committing to a whole floor or wall plan, custom mosaic tiles can imbue your bathroom with a sense of lavish luxury.

You can also incorporate marble and mirrors on the wall to invoke the elegance of an upscale spa.

Sleek, clean lines

Sleek and clean lines, glass countertops and a clear space make a bathroom very exciting. When designing the master bathroom of your dreams, consider modern materials, especially glass, for a current look that is truly you.

Also, avoid overwhelming detail, as this can be a challenge when trying to achieve a luxurious modern bathroom.

Personalised luxuries for the ultimate retreat

Other than a commanding colour palette or extravagant lighting, personal luxuries are the finishing touches you need to turn your bathroom into the sanctuary you've always dreamt of.

For example, radiant floor heating can provide immeasurable value on a colder winter night. Other than heated surfaces and furnishings, a heated towel bar is also an indulgence worth the investment. After all, what better way to achieve personal luxury in the master bathroom of your dreams that being cloaked in a warm towel after a bath!

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