Shade Sail Grades to Explore for the Home

It can be challenging to enjoy an afternoon in your backyard, by the pool, or other outdoor space when the sun is relentlessly beaming down on you. Shade sails are a convenient and effective solution for providing adequate shade and protection from harmful UV rays on a sunny day. Shade sails are not only convenient to install and use, they are also stylish due to their highly customisable nature. They come in square, rectangular and triangle shapes, with advanced designs also available.

There are many different materials that are used to design shade sails. The material used is what determines the grade of the product and its overall durability and functionality in the home.

Commercial grades

Commercial grade shade sails are among the highest quality shade sails in the market. They are made of tough and durable fabric that is capable of blocking out 95% of UV rays. This means that you can enjoy adequate protection from the sun with a long lasting and reliable product. Commercial shade sails are also resistant to mould and mildew, so you can leave them out even when it rains.

Commercial grade shade sails don't fall short when it comes to style. There are multiple colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from. With their reinforced edges and fade-resistant properties, these top quality sails can complement the look of any upscale home.

All-weather grades

If you need shade sails for both the sun and rain, all-weather grade shade sails are the way to go. They are designed to provide year-round protection through their multi-weather fabric and durable characteristics. They can be installed on patios, balconies, playgrounds and even vehicle garages.

All-weather grades are made for 100% UV blockage from the sun. The fabric that is used to make them is not only strong; it is also mould resistant and sturdy enough against strong winds. All-weather grades also do not compromise on style as they come in multiple shapes and colours to fit your outdoor space.

Daily grades (everyday shade sails)

A cost-effective, conveniently sized and flexible option for the home, daily grade (everyday) shade sails are ideal for smaller outdoor spaces and lighter use. These convenient shade sails are still able to block out the sun while allowing enough airflow to keep you cool.

They are also resistant to mould and fading, making them excellent choices for covering cars, boats, and gardens when the sun is blazing. Some daily grade shade sails also feature a simple DIY installation process that gets you up and running in no time.

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