Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting and Installing Awnings

Awnings on your home can provide shade on a hot summer day and also give the exterior walls a nice touch of colour and style. There is a wide variety of awning styles and materials from which to choose, so you want to ensure you shop around and take your time to compare your options before buying or having awnings installed. Note a few common mistakes to avoid in this process so you're happy with the awnings you choose.

Not matching material to the home

Be sure to match the material of the awning to the home's style; otherwise, the awnings may be an outright eyesore, rather than a nice complement to the home's exterior. If you have a modern home with lots of metal and glass, opt for a glass awning or one made of PVC or vinyl, and avoid canvas and metal, as these are more traditional and may look better against a brick home. If your home has a cottage look, avoid glass awnings and choose canvas for something soft and casual.

Not considering all weather elements

Awnings give you some shade from the sun, but do you live in an area with consistent winds, or where it may often rain? Do you still enjoy sitting outside, even if the weather is not perfect? If you do, then you will probably need canvas awnings with walls or sides that you can roll and unroll as needed. This will help to block some wind and rain and keep you more comfortable.

You might also want a larger and longer retractable awning that you can extend as far as possible over a patio or deck to block off rain and wind. Don't forget to think of all weather conditions in your area when choosing the style and size of the awnings for your home so you're comfortable outdoors, even when the weather isn't perfect.


Unless you're choosing retractable awnings that slide back into a cartridge when not in use, you'll want to carefully consider the size of the awnings you'll have installed. It's not unusual for homeowners to choose decorative awnings that are actually too small, so they look out of place along a long exterior wall or next to a large window. On the other hand, awnings that are overly large may eclipse the window, create too much shade inside the home and seem bulky and cumbersome. Have a professional measure your home's windows and help you determine the right size awnings, so you can make the best choice for these pieces overall.

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