4 Reasons Why A Recliner Lounge Should Be At The Top Of Your List When Looking For A New Lounge Suite

Finding the perfect new lounge suite can feel like an impossible task with the huge variety of styles, shapes and colours on offer. If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort and luxury in your living room, then a recliner lounge might be the perfect option. If your idea of a recliner lounge is the unattractive and stuffy recliner chairs that may have graced your grandparents' home, then think again. Modern recliner lounges are stunning, stylish and will make a wonderful addition to your home. Here are four reasons why modern recliner lounges should be top on the top of your list when buying a new lounge suite.

1. Versatility in seating

In the past, reclining lounges were limited to single seater armchairs. These days, the reclining feature can be incorporated into virtually any shape, size and seating capacity that appeals to you. This includes 2 to 4 seater rectangular lounges, modular lounges, corner lounges and lounges with a chaise lounge.

2. Options to customise

Recliner lounges from many manufacturers can be customised to ensure that you're getting the exact lounge that you desire. You can customise the seating configuration and which seats have a recline function. You can also customise the materials used for design features, such as arm rests, and the colour and type of fabric or leather upholstery.

3. High-tech options

Many recliners still use a lever to operate the recline mechanism of the lounge suite. If you'd like to take it to the next level, you can opt for a powered recline mechanism that is operated by a touch pad on the arm rest. This is a great choice if you like a smooth and effortless recline, want to be able to personalise recline positions and love the idea of having a high-tech addition to your living room.

4. Extra options for cinema lovers

If you visiting the cinema but hate sitting in cramped and uncomfortable seats amongst the masses, then a recliner lounge can help to create a luxury cinema feel right in your own home.Many models feature insulated drink holders for your cold beverage and small table surfaces for the obligatory popcorn. Some even have hidden insulated compartments in the arm rests for storing drinks and snacks, so you won't need to disrupt your movie to replenish your supplies.

If a recliner lounge suite is beginning to sound like a very appealing option for your home, then visit your local manufacturer's showroom or furniture store. You'll be able to test out the comfort levels and features of the modern recliner lounges they have available and decide which one is perfect for you.

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