Eco-friendly Bath Floors for the Environmentally Savvy Home Owner

A bathroom floor is often the most difficult area in a home. It consumes boatloads of water, potty spills, wet feet, makeup spills and all kinds of dirt due to the high foot traffic. While durability and hygiene are key essentials in a bathroom floor, the commonly used ceramic tile is hardly the darling of the environmentally savvy home owner.

Here are eco-friendly flooring choices that you can choose from without compromising on style.


Bamboo is a wood-like flooring that is quickly gaining popularity due to its sustainability. Although it shares the same characteristics as hardwood, it is a grass that matures in three to five years.  Bamboo works with any décor, thanks to its varied grains and a wide array of colours. It's also durable and easy to maintain as well as easy to install.

Bamboo gives you an edge over traditional flooring due to its customisation capabilities that you will not find elsewhere.


Commonly known as the ultimate multitasker due to its capabilities to act as both the structural floor and the finish material, concrete is the smart green material you should be using on your bath floors.

You can use concrete tiles with different colours, to suit your taste and style. Concrete can be tainted or tinted to resemble stone, without the expense and upkeep natural stone requires. You can also personalise your concrete floor using recycled glass to guarantee durability.


Cork is a rapidly renewable resource harvested from the bark of the cork tree. Due to its eco-friendly reputation, its insects' repellent and fire retardant capabilities, cork has gained popularity in flooring. Cork, just like any other flooring material, can be finished in a variety of stains to suit your colour scheme and design.


Linoleum is made from a concoction of cork dust, linseed oil, wood flour, tree resins, ground limestone, and pigments. It is perfect for combating mould due to its inherently antimicrobial properties.

Linoleum has earned the ''40-year floor'' since its fire resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant and is even known to strengthen with time. You can use it in the form of sheets, tiles or planks.

Recycled glass

Since recycled glass has a bevy of colour options and comes with jewel-like qualities, its makes greening your bath floor a breeze. Glass in a non-absorptive material hence you won't see any mould even in a dump environment.

You can choose from a limitless array of patterns, colour, and finishes to suit your design needs. 

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