2 Reasons Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Should Be Part Of Your Spring Cleaning Regime

With the winter months finally drawing to an end, your thoughts may be turning to warmer days, spring blossoms and putting away your winter woollies. The approach of spring often means thinking about spring cleaning your home and getting it feeling fresh again after being closed up all winter.

As well as all your usual spring cleaning tasks, it's important to remember your home's carpets. Even if you vacuum them daily, over time they can build up a disturbing amount of harmful infestations that aren't removed by normal cleaning. Here are two reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned as part of your yearly spring cleaning regime.

1. Dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic insects that feed on the skin and hair particles that help to form dust in your home. They're invisible to the naked eye but can cause serious respiratory problems. This can be dangerous if you have family members that suffer from asthma or dust mite allergies.

Dust levels generally increase over the winter period because windows and doors are kept firmly closed and more time is spent indoors by your home's occupants. Professional carpet cleaning will remove the inground dust particles and rob the dust mites of their food source. It's also wise to have your mattresses professionally cleaned at the same time to eliminate dust mites from them.

2. Mould

Mould is another nasty organism that loves to grow deep within the fibres of your carpets. Mould can be very harmful, causing breathing problems and gastrointestinal problems with regular exposure. It's also responsible for the unpleasant and musty smell that develops in a room with untreated mould growth.

Mould thrives in warm and damp conditions, and the winter months provide both of these. The heating in your home and the increased levels of condensation due to closed windows and doors and often damp weather provide the ideal breeding ground for mould. Mould growth can be eliminated from your carpets by ensuring that your anti-mould additive is used when your carpets are professionally cleaned.

Carpets can be the dirtiest area of your home if they're not cleaned regularly by professional carpet cleaners. Contact your local carpet cleaning service to book an appointment to have this important cleaning task done before you welcome in the spring weather. Your home will look, feel and smell fresher as well as being far safer and more hygienic. For more information, contact a business such as Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning.

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