Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a New Staircase Style for Your Home

A new staircase for your home can bring in some style and personality and create a focal point for the area where the stairs are located. If you have an open staircase, you can even sneak in some storage under the risers themselves. However, before you decide on a staircase style and even the materials you'll use, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid so you'll end up with a staircase you'll appreciate and that will work well for your home and family.

Not leaving space for adequate handrails

You may not think you need secure or overly large handrails if there are no elderly persons or persons with any type of balance issues, in the home. While these ones may have the most need for assistance when going up the stairs, you still don't want to "skimp" on the security of a staircase and its handrail. Fatigue, a physical injury, or having just one too many alcoholic drinks can mean lack of balance and coordination for anyone, which increases the risk of falling when using the stairs. Be sure you include a thick and secure handrail when choosing your staircase design to reduce the risk of potential injury.

Form over function

As said, a new staircase can add some personality to your space. However, if you choose a spiral staircase with lots of twists, a set of floating acrylic risers that are difficult to see, or a bumpy wood that looks good but which is a tripping hazard, the stairs may wind up being very difficult to actually use. Remember that your home's staircase shouldn't just be nice to look at; it should be safe and also easy to manage when you're carrying heavy laundry baskets and other items up and down those stairs. Tone down the look if needed so you don't sacrifice too much of the function of the stairs just for their appearance.


While you don't want to sacrifice function for the appearance of your staircase, you also don't want to settle for something dull and drab! This is especially true if the staircase is very visible from the entryway or other areas of the home. Risers might be made of an exotic hardwood or coloured glass, or you might paint a fun saying that goes up the stairs. Balusters and balustrades can also be made of a unique wood or acrylic; you might also choose metal handrails to offset the look of wood stairs or to work with coloured glass risers, for a very modern style.

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