Why is Underfloor Heating So Beneficial When Designing a Custom Home?

Designing a custom home is about more than deciding how large the rooms are going to be, which way the garden is going to face, and what kind of architectural style is going to be right. You can also get more down to the particulars of how your house is going to run, and one of the best ways to take advantage of that opportunity is by installing underfloor heating across the property.

Most people already understand that underfloor heating is supremely comfortable and strikingly efficient compared to radiators, but it's a particularly beneficial option if you're designing a home from scratch, and here are just a few reasons why.

Added Design Flexibility

One of the worst things about conventional heating systems is having to place a radiator in each room. This might not sound like a big deal, but it can become a real pain when the necessary radiator takes up wall-space that you'd have preferred to be used for something else. Underfloor heating doesn't use radiators at all, so none of your valuable living space will be given over to them, and you'll further enjoy the flexibility that should be part and parcel of every new-home build.

In at the Ground Floor

Underfloor heating is seen as something of a luxury item, but that's more because of the costs associated with adding it to an existing home. The problem with underfloor heating in most homes is that the flooring needs to be removed – and possibly changed – before it can be installed. Additionally, electrical systems and heating systems may need to be changed or reconfigured in order to accommodate the demands of the new system. When you design your own home, you'll be able to have the underfloor heating fitted right away. Hot water systems made with underfloor heating systems in mind are typically more efficient, so why not have one installed right away?

Insulation to Match

A further problem with adding underfloor heating to an exist house is that insulation will probably be set up more for a traditional radiator-based system. Heat loss calculation will need to be carried out to find out what heating levels are needed for each room, then the insulation will need to be changed. Again, this isn't such an issue for new homes since surveys will need to be carried out anyway. Instead of being hampered by an older setup, you can customize your insulation system around underfloor heating, so your home will be even more efficient.

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