How to Improve Your Home's Security Without an Alarm System

A fancy, high-tech alarm system can be a great way to keep your home and property secure, but these systems can also be expensive to install and maintain and somewhat complicated to manage. They can also be a bit unsightly if they include keypads, floodlights and other such features. You can still improve your home's security without such a system and often with some very simple features and improvements to your property. Consider a few of those here and note if any of these are the solution you need for a more secure home.

Get a dog

A large guard dog is not the only option for keeping your home secure, as a potential thief or intruder is often scared off by a dog's barking, not by its size or its potential for biting. In many cases, a small but loud dog with a high-pitched bark can be all that's needed to keep intruders at bay! If you've ever thought about adding a dog to the family but didn't want a more aggressive breed, or were concerned about some breeds interacting with your children and other pets, consider your options based on a dog's response to strangers, not on their size and aggressiveness.

Avoid advertising your belongings

Burglars and thieves often cruise around neighbourhoods looking for targets and examining homes closely before actually breaking in, so avoid advertising your belongings. Keep the garage door closed at all times if you have expensive lawn care equipment or sporting goods, even while working on those items in the garage. Be cautious about what you share online, as thieves may even check social media posts for potential targets.

Smash-proof your windows

Entryway doors are often used by thieves to gain access to a home, but so are windows. A thief can easily smash a window with a rock, patio paver or even your patio furniture and be in and out of your home before police arrive. To avoid this risk, add security screen doors and security film to the inside of the windows so the glass is shatterproof, or upgrade the glass to something toughened or laminated. Hurricane shutters outside the windows can be closed during the day, making the windows inaccessible from the outside of the home. Thick roller shades that run on a track inside the windows can also make it difficult for someone to get inside the home even if they do break the glass; struggling with these types of blinds can cause a potential thief to simply give up and move on to another target.

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