3 Beautiful Flowering Australian Native Plants That Will Thrive In Your Small City Garden

If you're trying to add greenery to city businesses or spaces as a landscaper, then you may worry about incorporating colourful and unique native flower varieties that are found in abundance in rural areas. Fortunately, if you go through the trade registration process with a local nursery, it's possible to create a stunning and lively Australian garden in a city, even if you only have a small area to work with. Here are three beautiful native flowers that will thrive in a city garden and help you to create a small haven that reminds you of the country.

1. Mini Kangaroo Paw

This iconic native plant will make a beautiful addition to a city garden. The tall fronds provide a sculptural look and they produce a large mass of striking flowers most of the year. Mini Kangaroo Paw comes in a range of earthy colours such as yellow, orange, pink and red.

Mini Kangaroo Paw is great for urban gardens because it will thrive in virtually any soil type and is happy in either full sun or shaded positions. It requires minimal care, with an occasional water its only requirement to keep it healthy and happy. It's also equally happy planted in the ground or in a pot.

2. Banksia Birthday Candles

Banksia is one of the most widely recognised and well-loved of flowering native Australian plants. The Banksia Birthday Candle variety is a small, shrub version of the larger native trees, making it a wonderful and well-sized addition to a small city garden.

The Banksia Birthday Candle Plant gives you rich, dense green foliage all year round. It will also provide you with gorgeous golden spikes of flowers from the late summer months through to the beginning of winter. This plant does require full sun to thrive, but it's happy in both sandy and clay-based soil in the ground or in a pot.

3. Native Violet

This native Australian version of the Violet is another wonderful addition to a city garden. It's happy in any soil variety, will thrive in pots and can be placed in both full sun and partially shady locations. It's a creeping plant, so it makes an excellent choice for an attractive ground cover or border for paths, patios or fences.

The Native Violet has pretty, heart shaped leaves in a bright green shade to brighten up a garden all year round. It also produces delicate white and mauve plants most of the year.

These beautiful native plants are available from any well-stocked plant nursery. For the best value for your money, visit a nursery that offers wholesale prices and a good selection as a member of your state's trade registry.

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