How to get your home ready for summer

Summer will be arriving soon. As such, now is the ideal time to start preparing your property for the hotter weather. Here are some of the ways that you can do this.

Inspect and clean your air conditioning system

A lot of homeowners nowadays have ducted air conditioning. When fully functioning, this type of system can cool down even the largest of properties, and provide those inside it with relief from the blazing heat of the summer sun. However, in order for your air conditioning system to work at its best, it needs to be properly cared for. If you plan to use yours regularly during the summer months, it's a good idea to give the system a thorough inspection and replace or clean its filters now, before the hot weather arrives.

Filters can quickly become clogged up with dirt, dust and pet dander, which hinders airflow and makes the system less energy-efficient. These contaminants can even be released into the air in your home. Check your system manual for instructions on how to wash or replace the filter. In most cases, these filters are located in the ceiling or wall vents. If your air-conditioner is in near-constant use throughout the summer, it may be wise to purchase a few spare filters, as frequent usage may lead to dust and other debris building up at a faster rate.

Invest in a motorised awning

During the summer months, the sun's rays streaming through the windows can heat up your house alarmingly quickly. One way to keep the sun out (and therefore keep your home comfortably cool) is to invest in a retractable awning for your property. This will serve as a physical barrier that will shield the windows underneath it from the rays of the sun. Although the initial outlay can be relatively high, an awning could reduce your energy bills quite a bit over the course of the season. By preventing the sun's heat from getting into your home, the temperatures inside will remain cooler, and you won't need to switch on your air-conditioning unit quite as often.

An awning can also make it easier to enjoy the outdoors without overheating. You can dine al fresco with your loved ones or sip on a cool drink in your garden, whilst still being protected from direct sunlight.

Manually-retractable awnings can be somewhat tricky to operate; as such, it's generally best to opt for a motorised model, which can be controlled with a remote. Brands like Somfy offer a wide range of motorised awnings, in various different sizes, styles and colours, meaning that you should have no difficulty finding one to suit your property's aesthetic.

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