Problems You Can Solve by Installing Plantation Shutters

The wrong window coverings can make life difficult. They mightn't provide nuanced control over light flow, or not offer the privacy or darkness you need to be comfortable. However, one option that can solve such dilemmas is plantation shutters. Consider how these coverings can solve the following problems. 

Fading Furniture

Sunlight might make a room brighter, but it can wreak havoc on your favourite furniture and fabric. Over time, UV rays leach the colour out, and soon enough, your carpet and sofa look faded and discoloured. Plantation shutters, however, offer abundant control over light flow so you can enjoy a sunny room and preserve your furniture. Simply, tilt the louvres upward, so the rays of sunlight miss your furniture. You don't have to leave the shutters like this all day, however. When the sun angle shifts so that direct light isn't hitting the furniture, you can re-adjust the blades.

Lack of Privacy

Whether you're showering or going about your day, you want to know that if you close the window covering you have total privacy. Some options, such as curtains, however, can show chinks of space through which others outside could possibly see. Or a flimsy material can allow shadows to be seen from outside at night in particular, which can disturb your peace of mind. 

With plantation shutters, you can adjust them to close completely, so they form a veritable wall. Thus, you can feel completely safe and private. You can also re-adjust the blades so that you can see outside, but others can't see inside. Doing so, you'll enjoy privacy and incoming light simultaneously.

Room Too Bright for Sleep

Snug window coverings are also crucial for a good night's sleep. Outside street lights or illumination from neighbour's windows can annoyingly creep through the side of some coverings, such as blinds or curtains. Thus, it can be difficult to create a totally dark and peaceful environment that allows you to drift off effortlessly. Plantation shutters cover the entire window and don't enable odd strays of light to disturb the atmosphere. Additionally — whether made of aluminium, timber, or vinyl — shutters provide a complete block rather than being translucent. 

Messy Window Coverings

Some window coverings give rooms a messy look. Curtains have waves of material that provide visual clutter. Roman blinds can do the same, as can several other options. Plantation shutters, though, give a decorative but clean look. The repeating horizontal louvres add attractive texture, but the shutters are neatly contained and aligned. Thus, they'll give your rooms an uncluttered feel without being boring.

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