What to Expect When Hiring a Removal Company

Hiring a removal company is a great way to handle your home move quickly and easily, as a removal company will know how to properly secure your items in a truck. Your furniture and boxes will then be less likely to fall or get jostled around while in transit, and will arrive safely at your new residence. When you are ready to hire a removal company, note what to expect during this process, so you know your move will be handled as smoothly as possible.

A pre-move inspection

A removal company representative will probably want to walk through your home and make notes of all the items you have to move before they make an appointment for your moving day; if not, expect them to ask for specific details on the items you need moved. This is to ensure they bring a truck that is big enough for your pieces, but not so large that they are wasting petrol for your move. It may be tedious to give them an inventory of all your furnishings and boxes, but this is necessary for them to ensure proper arrangements are made for your move.

Carpet and flooring protection

A removal company may arrive early in order to put down a mat or other such protection over your home's flooring, and may do the same at your new home. It's important that you don't allow children or pets near this protection, as pulling it up or out of place can cause a tripping hazard. You might also note to the removal company if you have stone  or concrete floors, as they may need to bring a different type of flooring protection for these smooth and dense surfaces than the protection they would use for carpeting.

Helping with the move

A removal company may actually ask that you not help them with moving your items, and especially with not putting items in a truck, as their insurance company may not allow you to be in the back of their truck. They may also insist that underage children not be in the way of the move or "help" move boxes.

If you want to assist with the move in order for it to progress as quickly as possible, you might pack your own car with boxes the night before, so there are fewer things for the removal company to handle. This will help with your move while also keeping you safe and out from underfoot, and ensure you're not in the way of the removalists.

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